Inspiration & creativity is borne from years of experience, dedication and insight.  Since 1996, we have challenged ourselves to meet and exceed your expectations.


Weddings & Quinceañeras

Imagine the day your parents were married.  What would you do to be able to see that cinematic wedding moment?  How precious would those memories be to your family?

Your Wedding and Quince video is not just a collection & sequence of shots but a story that you have been planning your entire life.  The emotional excitement can be overwhelming and the day will quickly pass you by.  Allow us to tell your story as we weave a tapestry of memorable moments that you will treasure the rest of your life.

We offer two choices in wedding videography.  For today's modern bride who want's something different, we offer a cinematic short form wedding video that employs the art of creative storytelling & alternative filming techniques to produce a short-form wedding video.  For today's traditional bride, we offer a long-form wedding video that employs the traditional archival form of wedding filming.  Which should you choose?  Let your personality and individual style determine what is best for you.


Corporate & A/V Services

Social media has played an important role in how businesses of all sizes communicate with the public. However, one thing is clear: corporate videos and an online video presence is no longer a luxury but a necessity in today's always online environment.

Serving Miami, Ft. Lauderdale & South Florida, we have chosen to specialize in 5 areas for small businesses, medium size corporations & government clients:

  1. Live web streaming;
  2. Online training & product videos;
  3. Seminars, meetings & conferences;
  4. News stories & first impression videos at trade shows & conferences.

Whether it's an inspiring interview with a division head or training for performance improvement, your video production should educate, train, inspire, motivate & sell your message about your company.

live web streaming

Over the last 5 years, we have witness a remarkable shift on how the public consumes information and entertainment.  There are more options, more variety and hundreds of choices.  This generation does not view the TV as the pricipal source of information.  The internet IS the source.  And our phones (which never leave our sides), our tablets (where we play) and our computers (where we work) are the central devices that govern what we watch, how we watch and when we watch.

In 2012, we recognize that shift and have been building our live web streaming business to reflect where our customers are - ONLINE, ALL THE TIME.

We created our own live web streaming website that focuses on these key areas of service:

  1. Business meetings, conferences & seminars;
  2. Sporting events;
  3. Music and theater performances;
  4. Weddings and Quinces:

Visit: to learn more about our live web streaming services.