South Florida's choice for live web streaming and corporate & event videography - celebrating 22 years of service to our community

We thank the brands, organizations, sports groups and educational centers for trusting their event with us!

Live Web Streaming

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It is projected that in 2020, the number of digital video viewers in the United States will surpass 232 million people.*   While breaking news makes up 56% of most-watch live content, did you know that conferences, speakers, concerts & festivals are tied for 2nd place at 43%.**  And 80% of people would rather watch live video created by a brand than read a blog.**  LIVE VIDEO IS SIMPLY MORE APPEALING - more appealing to brands, more appealing to organizations and lot more fun to enjoy than reading a blog. 

We are in the business of putting knowledge, information and entertainment within the reach of anyone with internet access.  We save your company time, money and resources by leveraging the inter-connectivity of the globe with a live web streaming solution that reaches ANYONE, ANYWHERE at ANYTIME.

Corporate Videography

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Let's face it, social media has transformed how businesses of all sizes communicate with the public. Whether it is a "tweet" or a "Facebook post," - you can't escape the reach and influence of online marketing.  Online video (both live and on-demand) is expected across all social media platforms.  How many times have you or your client utter the words "let me see if there is a You Tube video on it?"  One thing is clear today: corporate videos and an online video presence is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

We have chosen to specialize in 4 distinct & specific areas for small businesses, medium size corporations & government clients:

  1. Live web streaming of meetings, conferences & seminars;
  2. Corporate marketing, training, instructional and product demonstration videos & tools for employees;
  3. Filming and post-production services for seminars, meetings, town halls & conferences;
  4. News stories, press conferences & first impression videos at trade shows.

Live Sports Broadcast

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6 years ago, we created an online live web streaming multi-media platform designed to showcase some of the best in semi-pro, club, youth and amateur athletics from across the country.  We recognized that there were niche segments of the sports community that did not have the opportunity to have a professional live web streaming platform for their games, matches and tournaments.  In our 6th broadcast season, we have streamed more than 41 sporting events reaching over 142,000 viewers across the globe in 136 days of live web streaming and more than 730 hours of live streaming programming.

The following sports have been apart of the network:

  • Pro-Am Formula Racing
  • MMA - Mixed Martial Arts
  • Youth Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Wrestling
  • Figure Skating
  • Basketball
  • Swimming
  • Diving
  • Water Polo
  • Hockey