We live in the internet age.  55.2% of all downstream web traffic is streaming video content.  Is your event online yet?


Empire Video Productions, LLC is a Miami based video production company specializing in live web streaming services for corporate businesses, government clients, sports organizations and wedding & event clients in South Florida and across the United States.  Over the last 5 years, we have witness a remarkable shift on how the public consumes information and entertainment.  There are more options, more variety and hundreds of choices.  This generation does not view the TV as the principal source of information.  The internet IS the source.  And our phones (which never leave our sides), our tablets (where we play & game) and our computers (where we work) are the central devices that govern what we watch, how we watch and when we watch.

In 2010 we recognize that shift and have been building our live web streaming business to reflect where our customers are -  ONLINE, ALL THE TIME.

Our area of live web streaming focus includes:

  • Business meetings, conferences & seminars
  • Sporting events
  • Music performances
  • Theater productions
  • Wedding & Quince events

We make it easy for your friends, family, customers & clients to view your event.  Whether it is a custom web page design featuring our live video player or a third party integration site with live interactive chat, blogging, text & photos - our live web streaming service is designed to reach the most people & the right people anywhere on the planet.

GONE are the days of bringing people from all over the globe to get to a conference, wedding or meeting.  BRING the event to them!  Watch it LIVE or on-demand on any device, at anytime.  That's the power of our live web streaming service!